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Nordiske Kabel og Traadfabriker (today NKT) was founded by Prior in 1891 and has been a listed company since 1898. Over the next 90 years the company grew into one of Denmark’s foremost industrial enterprises, with focus on cable production (electricity, power and telecommunication cables), but also active in the production of nails, screws and other hardware for the Danish market.


At the end of the 1980s the company’s business model underwent a significant shift when NKT acquired first Nilfisk (1989) and then Lauritz Knudsen (LK) (1990). This shift also marked the start of our transformation from a Danish to a global company. A transformation which accelerated strongly with the establishment in 1991 of NKT Holding to head the NKT Group.


Since 1991 NKT has demonstrated a proven track record of growth and value creation based on a global mindset and a strategy of long-term, active ownership combined with business flair and courage.


NKT is now a modern industrial conglomerate with businesses specializing in professional cleaning equipment (Nilfisk), power cables (NKT Cables), and high-tech photonic products (Photonics Group).


A recurring theme in more recent history is that of a company with international outlook, the capital resources to buy and sell businesses, the capacity for long-term industrial development, the courage to invest, and the will to challenge its business units.


Best owner philosophy

NKT has specialized in spotting businesses with international development potential. Under NKT active ownership these businesses are developed over time into profitable global players, thereby realizing strong value creation for the benefit of our shareholders. This value creation is typically achieved by organic growth in combination with acquisitions and mergers or other forms of collaboration. When NKT no longer considers itself best owner of a business and when the timing and value are right, the business is divested to a new best owner.


Active ownership

We are an owner that exerts active influence on our portfolio of industrial activities. NKT's Board of Directors approves and monitors the direction, strategies, goals and overall policies of the Group companies, supported by the functions in the holding company covering tasks within compliance, investor relations, legal affairs, business development and financial issues.

There is a clear strategy for each business unit. For Nilfisk it is Growth, for NKT Cables it is Profitability and for Phototonics it is Commercial Scale.


The tax function has for the past 4 years been located in each business unit (Nilfisk and NKT Cables). It has now been decided to centralize the tax function again, formally sitting in the NKT Cables Group, however representing the entire NKT Holding. This means that current tax resources in NKT Holding will be gathered in this newly established team in NKT Cables. The team will consist of Head of Group Tax, a Tax Manager located in Germany, a Tax Assistant from Nilfisk located in Denmark and the hiring of one additional Tax Manager.


As Head of Group Tax, you will be responsible for establishing this centralized tax function and be in charge of all tax matters in NKT Holding. In this build up phase emphasis will be on defining tasks, goals, policies, procedures including a standardized tax reporting model through obtained knowledge about Group businesses and stakeholders.


It is instrumental to continue and further enhance a strong support to business units regarding tax matters. Within the Group, Nilfisk has one well-functioning transfer pricing setup with thorough documentation while NKT Cables has another transfer pricing setup where underlying documentation for last years is to be established and the future Transfer Pricing structure to be defined.


The newly established position as Head of Group tax will report to CFO for NKT Cables who is located app. 4 days a week in Germany. In other words, the position is close to top management and with corresponding impact. Geographically the position is located at the office in Brøndby that hosts both NKT Holding´s headquarters and partly the headquarter of NKT Cables, which increases visibility and access to top management and functions as Treasury, Strategy, IR, Legal, Group Finance and HR.


Main stakeholders will be top management in general, NKT Cables CFO and Head of Group Finance, Nilfisk CFO and Head of Group Finance. Key responsibility areas for the position are described below. Some of the tasks are handled by your direct reports while you also handle some of them yourself.

•   Define tax governance structure

•   Prepare and drive tax strategy in cooperation with team and key stakeholders

•   Build up transfer pricing structure, -model and underlying documentation for NKT Cables                 including benchmark studies

•   Maintain and further develop transfer pricing setup for Nilfisk and NKT Photonics

•   Support financial reporting in connection with monthly reporting specifically with focus on                 optimizing tax position and tax payments within legal frame; analyze deviations on tax                     percentage and ensure tax costs are valid

•   Tax compliance including tax returns; IFRS tax accounting and tax in statutory accounts; handle      tax audits from local tax authorities; handle tax advisors

•   Support local finance teams on ad-hoc tax audits

•   Support M&A and Divestment to ensure optimized tax position. This also includes reviewing            legal structures of M&A and Divestment and Tax Due Diligence

•   Tax planning hereunder utilization of potential tax losses, e.g. in Germany

•   Tax optimization within joint taxation in Denmark for all Danish companies in NKT Holding

•   Tax risk management including tax risk survey to app. 100 subsidiaries

•   Support ad-hoc ongoing projects related to tax

•   Lead, inspire, coach and build your team in the journey of establishing a centralized Group Tax      team

 newly established position as Head of Group Tax at NKT Holding has top management exposure and plays an important role in NKT´s active ownership strategy. 

Value Proposition

You will have the opportunity to establish a tax function in a complex conglomerate structure. It is a challenging task, where you manage multiple stakeholders, several different initiatives and also distance management. Within this context, you can take tax to its next level and play an active role in shaping your team.


Location of the position is NKT Holding / NKT Cables Group headquarter in Brøndby. Travel activity in the job is estimated to app. 20-30 days a year, mainly to Germany. The rewards and benefits package will match the requirements of the position. 

Candidate Profile

The ideal candidate holds a Master’s degree such as Cand.merc.aud, Cand.merc.jur, Cand.jur, Master in Tax or similar. Further, the Head of Group Tax possesses the following experience and qualifications:

•   At least 8-10 years of successful experience, gladly more, within corporate tax ideally from a           major global listed company, or audit firm, law firm or SKAT

•   Solid experience within transfer pricing and underlying documentation

•   Solid generic accounting and financial knowledge in order to understand financial impact of              tax dispositions

•   A strategic approach to tax and best practice of tax functions

•   Preferably, people management experience where you have demonstrated solid leadership           skills and an ability to lead, coach and motivate

•   Fluency in oral and written English

Some of the most important personal characteristics and attributes are:

•   A self-starter taking initiative to drive the tax agenda

•   Outgoing personality and strong interpersonal skills excellent at building long lasting                        relationships based on an understanding of people and cultures

•   Good leadership skills and excels in motivating and engaging people

•   A strategic mindset seeing the long-term perspective yet still with a keen attention to details

•   Strong analytical abilities and business acumen

•   A natural interest in striving for improvement and identifying possibilities

•   A structured, resilient and reliable personality supporting you in planning and executing 

•   A robust personality staying calm while working with multiple projects and deadlines

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